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Maternal Gems Female Sale

Sneak Peak!

Check out some of the females that will represent Gizmo Angus in the Maternal Gems Sale:

Giz Blackbird G25 9057 3439

Giz Blackbird G25

G25 was selected from the heart of the Gizmo replacement pen, she is a deep bodied easy fleshing heifer that is going to make a powerful brood cow. Bred AI on 12/16/2021 to SAV Rainfall 6848 examined safe.

Dam of G25

↳ SAV Blackbird 9057 Dam of G25

Giz Blackbird G51 D33 6846

Giz Blackbird G51 D33 6846

A powerful Rainfall heifer that posted impressive individual ratios of 103WW and 108YW. The dam of this heifer has a weaning ratio of 102/2 and yearling ratio of 108/1. The grand dam of this young female is a donor in the Coleman Angus herd. Bred AI to Hoover Counselor N29 on 12/16/2020 examined safe.

Coleman Blackbird 1554

↳ Coleman Blackbird 1554 Grand dam of G51

Gizmo Annie C16 1216 1441

Gizmo Annie C16 1216 1441

Consigned by: Sydney Gilmore – Gizmo Angus Farm

When our twin granddaughters were 18 months old we gave them each a heifer out of that years calf crop. C16 is the first heifer calf out of Sydney’s frist cow. Needless to say we tried to pick top heifers for the grandbabies to start their herd. C16 is a beautifully uddered Resource daughter that had an individual ratio of 102 for WW and 102 for YY. Bred AI on 12/17/2020 to SAV Rainfall 6846 examined safe.

Grand Dam of C16

↳ N Bar Kinochtry Bty V1498P Grand Dam of C16

Giz Blackbird D39 1554 6106

Giz Blackbird D39 1554 6106

A deep bodied easy fleshing daughter of a featured donor at Coleman Angus Coleman Blackbird 1554. A maternal brother of this exceptional cow just sold for 17,000. D39 is sired by the legendary female maker Wulffs EXT 6106 both the cow and the pedigree are deep and wide! Bred AI on 12/17/2021 to SAV Rainfall 6846 examined safe.

Coleman Blackbird dam of D39

↳ Coleman Blackbird dam of D39