Gizmo Angus Farm is owned and operated by the Ronnie and Debbie Gilmore family. We're located in the Florida panhandle, about 25 miles north of Pensacola. We believe it is important for us to stay involved in our local, state, and national associations. This provides us the opportunity to communicate with other seedstock producers and commercial cattlemen.

We have been members of the Florida Angus Association for several years. Ronnie served as director for three years, in addition to serving as the chairman of the Florida Angus Association female sale for four years. Debbie served two years as Secretary/Treasure, one year as Vice President, and one year as President of the Florida Angus Association.

Ronnie has represented the state of Florida as a voting delegate at the National Angus Association convention, and is a past president and current director of the Northwest Florida Cattleman’s Association. Due to the geographic location of Gizmo Angus Farm, we have also been active as a family in Alabama associations including the Alabama Angus Association and the Alabama BCIA. Our son Jacob served as a director for the Alabama Junior Angus Association in 2001, and we often participate in ABCIA sales.

We appreciate each and every one of our friends and customers. Please contact us today to discuss your needs or for more information